Meet our student board!

HRO is one of the largest and most complicated organizations on campus as a student organization at Harvard, an official Harvard class (Music 10 and Music 107), and a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

HRO values being an entirely student-run organization, but that also means that we have a lot of work to do! Responsibilities of HRO board members include program and poster design, social media and website management, ticket policy-making and distribution, stage management, accounting and budgeting, taxes, social event planning, community outreach event planning, international tour planning, and much more!

HRO Board consists of an elected Executive Board of 8 members who oversee a General Board of 10-20 members. Our musicians say that the more involved in HRO you are, the more you get out of and appreciate the experience.

Please email us if you are interested in learning more about any of these positions!

Executive Board


Nick Lee ’25 oversees all officers and sets the strategic vision for HRO.

Vice president

Michelle Stern ’25 assists the President and manages various miscellaneous projects.

Tour Director

Joshua Halberstadt '25 manages all regular operations and fundraising for HRO’s international tours.


Louis Auxenfans ’27 manages all finances and taxes for HRO.

Operations director

Brendon Lau ’26 coordinates with Memorial Hall Staff to organize the logistics of auditions, rehearsals, and concerts.

Social director

Allison Mi ’27 organizes social events to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all HRO members.

Creative director

Veronica Li ’26 creates programs, serves as the secretary, and runs HRO’s community outreach initiatives. 

Publicity director

Ella Kim ’27 manages all publicity efforts for HRO concerts and events.

General Board

Special projects team

Isabelle Lee ’27 runs experimental initiatives as is necessary from year-to-year.

Google Suite Manager

Isabel Dean ’27 oversees internal communication and file organization.

Tour Committee

Kevin Cho ’26, Justin Shaw ’27, and Paloma So ’27 work with the Tour Director in tour operations and fundraising.

Tour fundraising manager

Enoch Li ’26 acts as fundraising lead within the Tour Committee.

Tour fundraising Committee

Lea Wang ’26 and Alex Yin ’26 work with our sponsors to bring the orchestra on tour.

advertising Manager

Ethan Chaves '26 sells advertisements in HRO programs.


Lizzy Huang ’27 and Olivia Oh ’27 work with companies to financially support HRO.

outreach Committee

Cal Alexander ’27, Elizabeth Norris ’26, and William Xu ’26 organize community outreach events for HRO.

Publicity Committee

Matthew Ho ’25  assists the Publicity Director with concert and event publicity.

Social committee

Isabel Dean ’27 and Isabelle Lee ’27  assist the Social Director in organizing social events.


Lizzy Huang ’27 manages HRO’s music library and distributes parts to musicians.

Social media Manager

Matthew Ho '25 runs the HRO social media accounts.


Ben Fortuin ’27 updates and maintains the HRO website.


Rahul Prasad ’26 creates posters and other graphics for HRO publicity.


Catie Thai '25 leads the Photography Team to capture HRO in action.

Photography TEAM

Cal Alexander ’27, Kevin Cho ’26, and Enoch Li ’26 take high-quality photographs of HRO concerts and events.

Stage Managers

Lizzy Huang ’27, Ebun Oguntola ’27, Kobby Owusu ’27, and Paloma So ’27 organize set-up and clean-up for rehearsals.

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