Since 1962, tours have been a vital part of the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra. Over the past six decades, the ensemble has successfully toured the Philippines, Canada, the former Soviet Union, East Asia, Central Europe, Italy, and, most recently, Mexico. In total, HRO has toured more than eighteen countries across four continents.

Tours are a valuable opportunity for student musicians to not only make music in novel settings but also to connect with different parts of the world. From joining forces with ensembles from the destination country to exploring cultural repertoire, HRO uses music as a vehicle to create lasting connections and impact. Historically, tours have been an important social element of the orchestra: in rigorously performing and traveling together, members have the chance to connect outside of the campus. Many friendships begin and strengthen on tours!

Tours are an important part of the orchestra’s culture, and we strive to share our artistry with audiences all over the world. During our 2022 tour of Mexico, we collaborated with students from UNAM and Universidad de Guanajuato to perform concerts in cities such as San Miguel de Allende, León, and Mexico City. We were inspired by our collaborators and audience members alike, many of whom approached us after the concert to express their love of music—a clear view of the impact a tour can have.

Our upcoming tour destination is South Korea, where we are returning for the first time since 2015. Building on the success of our previous tour, we are thrilled to form new friendships, take part in cultural exchanges, and share our beloved music with a global audience once again. We can’t wait to be back on the road next season!

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HRO takes pride in the level of musicianship and camaraderie that our tours foster and understands that every time we set foot in another country, we are ambassadors for Harvard.

Past HRO Tours:
Mexico 2022 (Itinerary)
Argentina 2017 (Itinerary)
Asia 2015
Middle East 2013
Cuba 2011
Korea 2008
Quebec 2004
South America 2000
Italy 1996
Europe 1992
Asia 1988
Europe 1984
Berlin 1978
Canada 1972
Mexico 1962

2022 Mexico Tour  Pictures:

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