Meet our student board!

Our executive board


Caleb Shi ’23 liaises between the Music Director, University, HROF, Board and orchestra.

Vice president

Camden Archambeau ’23 assists the President with long-term development, and helps oversee all other officers.

Financial director

Nick Lee ’25 oversees all finances for the orchestra.

Operations director

Sasha Hitachi ’25 coordinates with the Logistics Team and orchestra members to organize our virtual orchestra and chamber music projects.

Internal relations director

Hanna Pak ’24 manages the Social Committee and ensures an inclusive, positive, and welcoming atmosphere for all members of the orchestra, both on and off campus.

Creative director

Gabby Grant ’24 oversees creation and distribution of media and promotional graphics, and plans tour.

COmmunications director

Stephanie Yoshida ’25 manages publicity and marketing efforts, and pursues both internal and external community connections.

Our officers


Christine Lee ’24 records notes and prepares Board minutes for each Board meeting and takes on organizational tasks within the orchestra.

Community outreach Team

Maya Bharara ’23, Angela Li '24 and Eliana Lee '24 pursue and direct remote and non-remote outreach projects in our broader community both on campus and virtually.


Cathy Stanton '25 leads efforts to archive/document the history of the orchestra and engages in a special project in conjunction with the HRO Foundation to collect and archive old recordings and programs of the orchestra.

Publicity Team

Michelle Stern ’25 and Catie Thai ’25 assist the Communications Director with all publicity-related actions such as postering and selection of publicity materials such as videos.

Social committee

Hannah Adler '25, Derek Hwang '24 and Ruben Fonseca '24 create social events to nurture a positive and welcoming space for all orchestra members.


Anna Teunis ’25 ensures that the orchestra has the parts and instrumentation required to perform.

Social media

Dylan Goodman '25 cultivates the orchestra’s digital presence on social media and creates social media content for the orchestra.


Bryan Han '24 maintains the orchestra’s website and keeps the website updated on a regular basis.

graphic design

Clara Chen '25 designs all graphics for the orchestra, including posters, concert programs, and social media banners.

Tour fundraising commitee

Cathy Stanton '25, Moni Radev '22 and Ethan Fang '25 assist with and leads certain aspects of fundraising for HRO’s tour to Mexico for the summer of 2022.


Ethan Fang '25 leads the orchestra’s efforts to identify companies that may be willing to buy advertisements in our programs.


Ruben Fonseca '24 designs merchandise for the orchestra and coordinates the ordering and distribution of merchandise once designed.

Logistics team

Ishaan Modi '24, Srihari Ganesh '24 and Ashley Gong '25 assist the Operations Director with all rehearsal and performance logistics as needed, including managing the stage, handling paperwork, and liaising between HRO and the Memorial Hall staff.

Special projects team

Erin Yuan '24, Neo Guerrero '23 and Kathy Zhong '25 engage in special projects that may be necessary over the course of the semester that expand the scope of the orchestra for current and future semesters.


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