2017-2018 Roster


August Chen '20
Jonathan Chu '21
Claire Criscione '19
Brandon Duffy '20
Yooree Ha '20
Eloise Hodges '21
Natalie Hodges '19
Jonathan Huang '21
Andrew Kim '21
Andrew Lee '21
Lucy Li '21
John Lim '20
Joyce Lu '21
William Lundell '21
Allison Pao '21
Allie Quan '21
Nivedita Ravi '21
Ben Rhee '21
Julia Riew '21
Alexis Ross '20
Aaron Shi '20
Emily Spector '21
Angela Tang '20
Diana Wang '20
May Wang '20
Yi Lin Wang '21
NaYoung Yang '18
Cecilia Yao '18
William Yao '21
Unice Yoo '20


Frances Choi '21
Jonathan Karp (Grad)
Carter Nakamoto '21
Faith Pak '19
Tamara Shamir '21
Martine Thomas '18


Patrick Barham '21
Audrey Chen '18
Emily Chung '21
Ethan Cobb '21
Danielle Davis '21
Spencer Kim '20
Ju Hyun Lee '18
Raymond Lin '20
Lev Mamuya '18
Sang-O Park '21
Jeanna Qiu '20
Grant Riew '19
Ila Shon '19
Nate Steele '21


Christian Lin '20
Frederick Metzger '18
Claire Murphy '21


Elizabeth Yeoh-Wang '20


Karissa Huang '21
Annie Wu '18
Anya Zhang '20


Annika McDermott-Hinman '21
Mara Roth '19


Erica Chang '19
HyukJoo Hwang '19
Wesley Shin '21


Steven Ekert '20
Eli Holmes '21
Reuben Stern '20

French Horn

Grace Chang '21
Simon Eder '20
William Hartog '21
Alec Jones '19


William Brechtelsbauer '19
Eliane Grace '21
Sóley Hyman '19
Avril Saavedra '21


Topher Colby '19
Jack Stone '20


Rachelle Ambroise '21
Grant Hoechst "18
Sam Markowitz '21
Matthias Pergams '19
Nick Pham '19
Dhilan Ramaprasad '21
Kai Trepka '20

Executive Board

President: NaYoung Yang '18 liaisons with the Music Director, oversees long-term project planning and supervises the other officers.

General Manager: Soley Hyman '19 organizes every rehearsal and concert, coordinating with the Music Director, Memorial Hall staff, and members of HRO.

Vice President: Erica Chang '19 assists the President in overseeing all the other officers and contributes to the long-term development of the orchestra.

Financial Manager: Ila Shon '19 manages the orchestra’s finances, preparing budgets and keeping financial records.

Other Officers

Director of Outreach: Ellis Yeo '20 reaches out to and improves relations with subscribers, alumni, and local organizations. He also helps organize activities for the orchestra in the Boston area and solicit advertisements for inclusion in programs.

Directors of Publicity: Brandon Duffy '20, William Yao '21, and William Hartog '21 are responsible for off- and on-campus publicity of our concerts. They coordinate poster design and display, tabling, website design, program design, and publicity outreach to the community.

Director of Sales: Spencer Kim '20 coordinates the preparation and distribution of tickets and merchandise. She coordinates with the Box Office to organize the distribution of consignment tickets and subscriptions in addition to handling merchandise sales.

Fundraising Team: Chris Lin '20, Kai Trepka '20, John Lim '20, and Ben Rhee '21 work to plan and execute fundraising strategies.

Social Team: Mara Roth '19, Steven Ekert '20, and Simon Eder '20 organize private social events for the orchestra and bring snacks for each rehearsal.