HRO Summer Tour 2017: Argentina

The Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, founded in 1808, is the oldest American symphony orchestra and has a long tradition of fostering the arts in the Boston community by engaging local schools during the school year and offering innovative tours during the summer. HRO has an international tradition of reaching out to the greater music community to help promote the appreciation of classical music to young musicians all around the world, having recently visited Korea and the Philippines. This year, we are planning to travel to Argentina.

The Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra Tour Committee has planned an enriching two weeks of concerts and cultural exchanges. We will be partnering with Orquestra infantil-juvenil de retiros with Nestor Tedesco in Buenos Aires: working in side-by-side rehearsals and performing in a Pops concert for their families and the local community. HRO is a firm believer in the social power of music beyond the concert hall, and the orchestra has been looking forward to this tour for nearly two years.

Thanks to the generosity of 125 donors to our recent Kickstarter campaign, we raised $31,335 towards the funding of tour and are a big step closer to being fully funded. The Kickstarter video from the campaign is featured below. If you would like to donate to HRO's Argentina Tour, checks can be made out to The Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra (see Contact page for mailing address). Please email with any questions. Once again, we thank all of our donors for their generosity and support, and we look forward to this exciting music-making opportunity!

Supporters of HRO's 2017 Argentina Tour

Principal's Patrons ($5,000 - $9,999)

Silvana Pascucci

Sustainer ($1,000 - $4,999)

Marion Letvin
Steven Ekert
Hwan Oh
Amy Han
Kyeong H. and Eun K. Yang
Dan and Mary Riew
Thomas Terwilliger
Jim Nuzzo
Greg Stone
Christine Hood
Sung Joon Won
Eran Egozy

Associate ($500 - $999)

Anne Chatoney
Eunkyoung Kim
Yewon Km
Kris Kim
Jieun Lee
Eugene Lee
Jeongsoon Kim
Catherine Weiskel
Evelyn Lynn Hu
Glenn and Maureen Pease
Timothy and Emily Hoechst
Debra Fitzgerald
Mi Sun
Ha Il Hwang


Patron ($250 - $499)

Mary Ellen Flather
Byungkwon Lim
Marion Clemens
Sandra Lee
John Shon
Gabe Walker
Judith Trepka
Ming Wa
Nat Goldberg
Woojune Kim
Jung S. Kim
Allie Yun
Paul Yun
Don and Doris Eder
Christian Kwon
Moses Kwon
Jerry and Debbie Glazer
Gibong Kim
Mary Ellen Moir
Kaitlin Ekert
William Hahn
Xiao Hu Liu & Qian Sun
Gary and Eileen Besser

Sponsor ($100 - $249)

Eunjung Kim
Ann Miyashiro
Hyunjoo Lee
Alex Caram
Kristin Haugland
Eumine Ching
Myung Jong Lee
David Chang
Xuebin Wang
Seungho Kang

Wonjung Lee
Lori Enloe
Zequan Qiu
Samuel Abbott
Jun Hasegawa
Jung-woo Sohn
David E. Lovas
Susan Kim
Buhm Soon Park
Xiaowei Zhu
Brittany Ekert
John Staige Davis
Frederica Eder
Ben Garcia
Kenneth Park
Eric Hintsa
Lisa Wong
Shirley Le
Canghao Chen
David Lee & Hiroko Ichikawa
Grace and Steven Jones
Scott R. Stone
John and Helen Carswell

Family Membership (up to $99)

SangHee Park
Anes Sung
Marti Estell
Cynthia Jones
Linda Jorgensen
Seungchul Kim
Jacob Shack
Dan Chen
Qun Zhou

Peggy Li
Alison Pirie
Howard Chang
Kathy Way
Revs Don & Judy Crooks
Anne Shreffler
Sigrid Tishler
Myunghee Shin
Janet Bragg
David Ahn
Harriet and Bob Enloe
Beril Erkin
Eon Soo Lee
Gloria Reisman
Luke Eder
Xulong Zhang
Jane H. Woodmansee
Benjamin Loeb
Alan Stern and Lori Tenser
Bernard Widerman
Arpi Tavil-Shatelyan
Joy Wang
Lara Hirner
Kim Whelehan
Hajeong Lim
William Tobias
Teresa Marrin Nakra
Nancy Hoffman
Michael Horton
Khyung Seon Park
Dominique Kent
Heayeon Lee
Sungeun Lee
William Gao
Jeremy Salfen

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